Executive Order on Gun Control

Obama's Executive Order on Gun Control


There are many pro and con arguments that can be made about gun control. So let’s just get one thing straight, this opinion piece and the image above are not intended to persuade you one way or another. They are meant to stir up intellectual conversation about this topic.

Let’s start with a question that Obama asked during his announcement on gun control, and we are going to re-phrase here: Why is there so much gun violence in the U.S. compared to other nations in the world? About 30,000 people lose their lives every year in the U.S. to gun violence.  We are supposed to be one of the most highly advanced countries in the world yet we rank horribly when it comes to gun violence. Why is this happening and what can be done about it? The question of why is a complicated one. We can argue that maybe it is because we have nurtured a culture of violence as a collective or maybe we have been indoctrinated by mass media to be driven by fear. Who knows. There must be several variables that make up the “Why?” But what does Obama intend on doing about this?

Obama talked about expanding background checks for buyers and sellers of guns. The measure would require that those in the business of selling firearms be registered as licensed gun dealers. We understand that guns should not be easily available to children and crazy folks, but where do we draw the line? Will this Executive Order make it nearly impossible to purchase a firearm in the future or will it actually help in reducing violence in accordance with the Second Amendment? No we are not advocating mass shootings and stupid behavior, but do we really need more laws or is it that we all need to change our way of thinking…our way of living? Maybe Americans need to go through a paradigm shift and start focusing on self-sufficiency and not rely so much on government. We need to work more as a community and change our way of thinking towards each other.


Whatever the solution is, one thing should be made clear, the most important minority is the individual thus our individual rights should be respected. As citizens, we have a social contract with our government to protect our society and culture in exchange for some individual liberties. But let’s not forget that society is made up of individuals and we have the right to protect ourselves against tyranny. We can go further into this by discussing political theory and debate about certain interpretations within the Constitution but we can leave that for the comments section.

Obama did say, "…I believe in the Second Amendment, there written on paper, that guarantees the right to bear arms…”

We are just going to have to wait, see what happens and hopefully be prepared for whatever comes our way.

What do you think?

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