Stay Connected Anywhere Solar Panel Backpack!

Enerplex Packr Solar Panel Backpack - $79.93
Retail Price: $129.97
You Save: $50.04!!!

Solar Backpack That Powers Portable Electronics While You're On The Go Includes:
1 - Comfortable, 23 liter multi-compartment backpack 1 - Flexible solar panel Stylish, Lightweight & Designed To Keep You Powered Up.

The beauty of the Enerplex Packr Executive Solar Backpack is it charges your portable electronics even if you're hiking in the middle of nowhere. The powerful (and flexible) solar panel gobbles up the sun's rays and converts it into energy just about any handheld device can use. This gives you both the freedom and the peace of mind you'll be able to use your devices... even when you're hundreds of miles from civilization . The Enerplex Packr Executive Solar Backpack is stylish, incredibly comfortable and built for the long haul. Click on the "Features & Specs" tab to learn more about this amazing solar powered backpack.


Comfortable: A backpack that can charge electronics but feels like a torture device is worthless. The Enerplex Packr Executive Solar Backpack is super comfy making it the perfect solution for hiking and travel. Plush eva foam straps and backstay make it incredibly easy to wear for long trips. And the adjustable shoulder and waist straps make it easy to find the perfect fit.

Incredibly powerful: The lightweight and flexible solar panel is a monster when it comes to converting solar rays to power. The 3 watt panel is regulated at 5 volts and can pump out .6 amps from its USB output; helping you power a wide variety of USB powered devices in a short amount of time.

Boasts tons of storage: The 23 liter backpack has more than enough storage for whatever trip you've got in mind. It's got multiple pockets, a padded laptop sleeve, a business compartment for office supplies, and it even offers an expansion compartment so you can store more for a longer trip! Never worry about you're favorite items not making it with you.

Uses innovative and proven design: The Enerplex Packr Executive Solar Backpack also has all of the standard features a backpack should have. An exterior water bottle holder so your thirst can be quenched without putting electronics in harm's way, a cable pass through port so electronics stay protected while in use, and of course a solar panel that works as long as the sun's out.

Other Details: Weight: 2.9 lbs Dimensions: 19.3" x 13.4" x 7.1" At the end of the day this is hands down one of the best devices for camping, backpacking, traveling and survival. A backpack that charges your portable devices while you stand in the sun is perfect for anyone and everyone who wants a low-cost and sustainable solution for power in the most uncivilized circumstances.

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