Natural Remedies for Radiation Exposure

Anyone here been exposed to radiation and tried these natural remedies? It is not an absurd question. In some parts of the world, constant exposure to radiation is a reality! The folks at created this infographic to educate you on natural remedies for radiation exposure. Whether they work or not, we do not know. Let us know if you have any experience with this topic. And no, playing the video game Fallout does not count.

Natural Remedies for Radiation Exposure

How To Build A Quinzee Snow Shelter

If you don't know how to build a temporary snow shelter, then this infographic will show you how. Remember, many times, protection from the environment is more important than food or water. After three hours in the freezing could be dead! You can thank the folks at the Art of Manliness for these survival tips and tricks. Always be improving your survival skill sets.

Building A Quinzee Snow Shelter

Doomsday: Would You Survive?

The following infographic states that the end is near. It also states that it is presented by the National Geographic Channel. Talk about bold statements. Anyhow, do you think you would survive a doomsday scenario? Doomsday means literally the end of the world by the way.

Check out the 8th most valuable profession in the post-apocalyptic world though. Wilderness survival expert comes in 7th. Let us know what you think!

What To Know When Storing Water

Storing water in case of a shtf scenario is essential. Storing water properly is even more important. The following infographic from tells us how to choose the right container and how to clean it for proper water storage. Remember to replace your water every 6 months or make sure to add a water preserver so your water can be stored for up to 5 years!

How To Build A Cold Weather Survival Debris Hut

If you don't know how to build a shelter that will protect you from the cold then read the following infographic. A little bit of knowledge can mean the difference between life and death.

How To Build Debris Hut Infographic

Why You Should Grow Heirloom Seeds

Ever asked yourself why you should grow heirloom seeds? Me neither. But now that you are thinking about it, check out the following infographic about heirloom seeds from the folks at Survival Mastery. For long term survival you are going to need a source of sustainable food. Seeds are key to surviving.

Why You Should Grow Heirloom Seeds Infographic

Top 10 Household Items For Dispatching The Undead

Do you know how to dispatch the dead with a plastic bag? Or how about with a vacuum cleaner? Honestly, I don't think we would recommend using some of these irregardless of what Hollywood portrays. Anyhow, check out the following infographic about the top 10 household items used in movies against the walking dead. Let us know if you can think of other weird items that were used in a movie to kill zombies.

Movies vs. Zombies: Top 10 Household Items For Dispatching The Undead