Popular Knife Variations Infographic

If you are a fan of knives like myself then you can appreciate the following infographic on knife variations. You probably already know the difference between a plain and serrated edge but do you know where the most popular knives come from? Do you think it's Japan...the US...Germany?

Infographic on Popular Knife Variations

That's the way it works...right?

What do you think? Yes it is controversial but it is a discussion that we should be having.

Motorized Bug Out Bike

Check out this impressive motorized bug out bike by Motorpeds! Notice that it has a crossbow on the back :) It even has a cell phone holder on the handle bars in case you have to take a selfie. This would be a perfect getaway bike for a zombie apocalypse...for almost any survival situation. You wouldn't run out of fuel unless you couldn't physically pedal anymore.

Endangered Species In Latin America

In case you ever wondered what species of animals are going extinct in Latin America...here is the following infographic. What can be done about this?

11 Must Haves For Your EDC Kit [Infographic]

If you are not sure what your Every Day Carry kit should consist of, the following infographic from the folks at Survival Life might be of some help.

Cattail Survival Uses

Every boy scout knows that "cattails are the supermarket of the wild"...you can survive off these things! Thanks to the folks at Prepforshtf.com, we have this infographic to help remind us of what they can be used for.