My Home In Five Years! lol

Anyone remember Dexter's Laboratory?  He was the biggest prepper of them all!  I hope there is more than one exit to this massive underground hive however.  How many do you see?  That shark tank and space shuttle!

How To Choose The Ideal Survival Knife

Is it better to have a folding knife or a fixed blade in a survival situation? If you don't know, take a look at the following infographic on choosing the ideal survival knife.

Choosing The Ideal Survival Knife

Natural Health Benefits From Fruit!

Came across this while navigating the wonderful world of the internet... in case you ever wondered what fruits bring what benefits. Check it out!

Fruit Health Benefits

Constrictor Knot [Infographic]

Just in case you don't know how to tie a constrictor knot, the folks at has your back with this infographic!

Duck and Cover - 1951 Civil Defense Film

Check out this full length version of Duck and Cover, the 1951 Civil Defense film about nuclear war and the effects of fallout radiation. What do they suggest you do in case of a nuclear attack? You guessed it... duck and cover! Watch this short film to see what other survival tips the Civil Defense had for folks during the Cold War. Enjoy.

Popular Knife Variations Infographic

If you are a fan of knives like myself then you can appreciate the following infographic on knife variations. You probably already know the difference between a plain and serrated edge but do you know where the most popular knives come from? Do you think it's Japan...the US...Germany?

Infographic on Popular Knife Variations

That's the way it works...right?

What do you think? Yes it is controversial but it is a discussion that we should be having.