How Much Can Your Body Tolerate?

What can the human body tolerate? A lot! 

What the human body can tolerate

The Advantages of Mushrooms [Infographic]

Did you know that mushrooms are good for weight management? Check out the following infographic on the benefits and uses of mushrooms. According to the infographic, fungi are considered a superfood because of the nutrients and antioxidants that they contain.

Should Collecting Rainwater Be Illegal?

I came across this image while doing some research online and it sparked a lot of anger in me. Whether this statement is 100% accurate or not is beyond the point. The fact that our government actually has the audacity to try to regulate this is what bewilders me. Why would it ever be illegal to collect your own rainwater?! This is a vital resource that we are talking about here! We can’t survive more than a couple of days without water. I mean, our bodies are made up of mostly water. It is a natural right damnit! It’s like denying somebody the right to live. It’s just wrong and our politicians need to get it right. Then again, I understand why certain laws forbid people from selling privately collected water…because of health concerns. Regardless, if SHTF, you best bet that rainwater will be a high commodity and a premium barter/trading resource.

For more information about rainwater collection legislation, visit the following link:

What Happens To Your Body In Extremely Cold Temperatures?

Do you know why your nose runs when it's cold? The following infographic will provide you with the answer plus a lot more information about what happens to your body in extremely cold weather. There are very good reasons why survivalists emphasize that shelter in extreme temperatures is more important than either food or water. 

Your Body In Cold Temperatures

How To Perform CPR On An Adult [Infographic]

I know many of us would not want to be put in the situation of having to give CPR (or receive it) but if you had to perform CPR on is the following infographic to help.

CPR Infographic

My Home In Five Years! lol

Anyone remember Dexter's Laboratory?  He was the biggest prepper of them all!  I hope there is more than one exit to this massive underground hive however.  How many do you see?  That shark tank and space shuttle!

How To Choose The Ideal Survival Knife

Is it better to have a folding knife or a fixed blade in a survival situation? If you don't know, take a look at the following infographic on choosing the ideal survival knife.

Choosing The Ideal Survival Knife