Do Natural Cures For Cancer Really Exist?

Some would say this is all a huge conspiracy theory. What do you think? Do your research folks. You'd be amazed! Unless you are a dedicated prepper/survivalist then this type of knowledge probably doesn't even surprise you anymore.

Natural Cures For Cancer?

Don't Ever Think About Crossing An Angry Gorilla!

Be extra alert when in the African wilderness. An eastern mountain gorilla aka silverback is more than capable of tearing your limbs apart all at once!

Eastern Gorilla

Taking Time Manually

Did you know that you can check how much time is left in the day by simply using your hand, the horizon and the sun? The following infographic shows you how it's done. I have actually tried this and it does work.

How To Take Time To Sundown

Do Not Fear The Walking Dead

For anybody who is a fan of the AMC show The Walking Dead. Aren't we all just waiting for the zombie apocalypse to happen...or is that just me?

On Self-Sufficiency

How Grandma Survived The Great Depression :) 

On Self-Sufficiency

The School of The Woods

In the school of the woods, there is no graduation day. 

School of the Woods

How Wolves Keep Yellowstone In Balance

Check out the following infographic about how gray wolves keep nature in balance. It's fascinating to know that everything in nature is interconnected. Exterminating wolves led to an ecosystem collapse but thankfully the Endangered Species Act reintroduced the gray wolf to restore balance.

Wolves in Yellowstone