Survivalist Les Stroud Breaks Down Survival Scenes from Movies | GQ

Watch a survival expert rate survival scenes from movies. Les Stroud does an excellent job of going over these survival scenes taken from movies such as Into the Wild, Life of Pi, The Edge, Jeremiah Johnson and more. Let us know what you think!

Ray Mears' Bushcraft S01E01 - Aboriginal Britain

This video is the first episode of Ray Mears' Bushcraft show! This guy is one of the best survivalists out there. Hands down. Let us know what you think!

What NOT To Do In A Zombie Apocalypse!

Believe it or not, I have come across individuals that have absolutely zero zombie knowledge. Sad but true. The good news is that Google exists and people can always Youtube zombie related movies/shows. You can also read the following list on what NOT to do in a zombie apocalypse. Enjoy!

Do NOT Get Bitten By A Zombie
Most would say that this is an obvious one but for the sake of covering the basics it must be included in my list. Why shouldn’t you get bit by a zombie? Because then you become a zombie. Duh, right? Note to self: Don’t ever try to kiss a zombie or attempt to feed one.
Do NOT Get Caught Without A Weapon
Seriously though…if you are in the middle of a zombie apocalypse and you still haven’t tried to acquire some sort of weapon, then all hope is lost. Might as well just give up now and become zombie food. Try to pick up a gun, crossbow, axe, a baseball bat...anything. Even having a household kitchen knife handy is better than having nothing at all. Remember, aim for their brains.

The Walking Dead aka Zombies and Melee Weapons
Source: giphy
Do NOT Make Excessive Noise
It seems like zombies would still have their sense of hearing and so it is important to not make too much noise. In other words, do not celebrate New Year’s Day in the zombie apocalypse by lighting fireworks near your hideout. If you have to take out a zombie, try using a melee weapon or a crossbow instead of a gun in order to minimize noise.

Do NOT Linger Around Well Lit Areas/Objects
In addition to hearing, zombies can still see so do not become zombie bait by walking around with a strobe light at night. Save the rave parties for after the zombie apocalypse. Again, just maintain some common sense folks. Cover all windows at night so that light from inside your home doesn’t attract zombies wandering the streets.

Do NOT Travel Through Over-Populated Areas
It would be wise to not venture into areas that once had a large population of residents because chances are that during a zombie apocalypse, these places will be inhabited by hordes of the walking dead. Avoid cities, hospitals, shopping malls, hotels, possibly graveyards…just saying.

The Walking Dead aka Zombies in the City
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Do NOT Get Attached To Zombie Versions of Your Loved Ones
If your friend or family member gets bit by a zombie, forget it...tell them how much you love them then immediately shoot ‘em in the head. Unless you used to be a scientist and may have the cure for the zombie virus, do not bother with loved ones turned zombies. They will eat you!

Do NOT Try To Capture and Domesticate Zombies
Nooo, zombies are not like dogs or cats. They do not make good pets! Do not attempt to train them or teach them techniques such as how to roll over or play dead…

Do NOT Lose Your Sense of Cautiousness and Vigilance
Last but definitely not least, don’t ever assume that you are safe or completely out of danger. Bad things happen when you least expect it. Always be on your guard and ever vigilant of your surroundings. Keep a close eye on the living as well. Desperate people are capable of doing anything!

Choosing The Right Caliber For Hunting Infographic

Do you think it's possible to take down an elephant with a .22 rifle??? If you are not familiar with hunting and choosing the right caliber to take down game then hopefully the following infographic by the folks at Survival Mastery can help. 

Infographic On How To Choose The Right Caliber

Do You Have A Legit Home Defense Plan?

There is a lot of debate on what makes a home defense plan perfect.  The truth is that there is no such thing.  All you can do is try your best to imagine all possible threats and do something about them.  For example, if you know that your back door lock does not work properly, then maybe you should replace it with a new one.  We’re not trying to be sarcastic, just looking out for you.  The following are tips that you should take into consideration to improve your home defense plan:

water filter

1.     Learn how to fight.
This doesn’t mean learn how to fight then go bully people.  The goal is to avoid dangerous situations but if you are confronted with a violent individual then it would be nice to know that you can fight.  Knowing how to maintain the upper-hand in a physically violent scenario can mean your life.

2.     Get a guard dog. 
Dogs are excellent at alerting home owners to intruders.  It is a good idea to get a large dog because they can actually help you in case you need it.  Get yourself a good guard dog like a Doberman Pinscher or a German Shepherd.  Both are highly trainable and will have your back.

3.     Buy a weapon.
Don’t just buy any weapon, make sure you get what fits your situation and most importantly, learn how to use it! What good is it if you buy a gun and don’t even know how to take the safety off? If you choose to buy a firearm, practice with it by going target shooting. 

     4.    Reinforce your doors and windows. 
     This one seems like an obvious tip but you would be surprised how many people fail to properly reinforce their doors and windows.  For example, if you have windows or doors that slide sideways, add an extra layer of protection by simply placing a stick in the track. If an intruder gets past the lock, they still would not be able to slide it open.     

5.     Install a security system.
It would give you peace of mind to know that an alarm system would alert you if an intruder was in your house.  Getting cameras and making sure that they actually work would also be a plus.  If you have an alarm system that alerts an outside company, make sure to only give your security password to those you trust with your life.

6.     Build a safe room.
Last but not least, if you have the resources and time, build a safe room inside your house for you and your family.  Make sure that you stock up with food, water and supplies in case you have to bug in.  Not every situation calls for you to bug out.  Sometimes the safest course of action would be to stay indoors and build a good defense.

Comment or send us a message if you think you have a good home defense plan! We would appreciate the feedback and any suggestions you may have.


The Secret World of the Japanese Swordsmith

If you are a fan of Japanese swords then you will enjoy this documentary uploaded by Kore Kojitsu. It is all about the secret world of the Japanese swordsmith. Check it out and let us know what you think by leaving a comment below.

Raising Chickens 101: How to Start with Chickens and Brooder Basics

Raising chickens is the gateway to a self-sufficient lifestyle. It is low cost and low maintenance as well so you don't need to have a lot of money and time to raise chickens. If you are a prepper but haven't started growing/raising your own food, then check out the following video that outlines the brooder basics. 

How To Escape An Attack!

Learn how to escape an attack with this infographic. If you don't know how to fight and defend yourself...learn now!

Disaster Preparedness Infographic

Thanks for providing this lovely wasp colored infographic. Check it out...

USA Spider Chart

Check out this chart about spiders in the U.S. I am not a huge fan of these creepy crawlers, especially the black widow, but best believe that I have a lot of respect for them. Tiny but can be deadly!

USA Spider Chart