What Is Survivalism?

Survivalism has recently become a hot topic of interest due to a variety of global changes. Some of these changes have occurred as a result of natural causes while others have been man-made. Whatever the causes are, the consequences are the same. For example, the issue of global warming has been under a lot of debate. Scientists and politicians have tried to give explanations to why global warming is happening. No matter what the reasons are, we can all agree that humanity should be preparing for global shifts and drastic lifestyle changes. 

The goal of survivalism is to prepare people for catastrophes and survival situations. The aim is to raise awareness about what is going on to our environment and what we can do to prepare ourselves for the worst. Preppers are people who dedicate a lot of time towards preparing for survival situations. They range from individuals that prep in their spare time to those who fully commit to prepping on a daily basis. Some people have prepared themselves by doing light research and obtaining a survival kit while others actively train themselves and have stockpiled supplies. 

In addition to gathering food, water and supplies, it is important to remember that knowledge is more useful to you than all of the survival gear in the world. What good is it to have survival gear if you don’t even know how to properly use them? Or what happens after you run out of food and water? Without the proper knowledge and training, surviving in a survival situation will not be easy. The resources are out there, it is just a matter of taking the initiative of teaching yourself survival skills. 

There are plenty of books and manuals on how to survive in different situations. The internet is full of information and videos that demonstrate survival skills such as fire starting, purifying water and how to gather food. Practicing what you learn is also essential. It is easy to remember facts from a book but being able to actually put it into practice is what matters. It would also be a good idea to involve your family and friends in practicing survivalism to better the chances of survival. Make sure to share what you know with those that you trust and are serious about working together. It is possible to survive alone, but your chances of surviving increase when you have the help of others. 

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Having a plan of action in any scenario and being surrounded by people that are prepared will highly increase the chances of survival. People have a higher chance of living when they have others to rely on and responsibilities can be shared. Separate tasks based on skills and level of knowledge. Also, it is easier to defend yourself from threats when you are in a large group. If however you find yourself in a survival situation alone, remember that your brain is your most important tool. Do not give up and do not lose hope. We are survivors, a highly resilient species. We can overcome anything when we set our minds to it.

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