Luxurious Survival Bunker for $17.5 Million!

There are contractors out there that have rebuilt old nuclear silos that can house an entire community of people.  Prices range from thousands of dollars to the millions.  If you have that kind of money and are willing to move to Tifton, Georgia then by all means.  The bunker we are talking about is no regular doomsday bunker.  It is a shelter that can withstand a 20 kiloton nuclear blast thanks to its design. This is definitely a prepper’s dream come true.

The 17.5 million dollar bunker has two stories with 12 bedrooms.  Its three foot concrete walls are ready to withstand anything. You get your own private water supply plus a heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning system.  In addition to that, a dedicated solar powered system will ensure that you do not stay in the dark, granted that the sun is still shining outside.

If you are a millionaire, then lucky you.  The rest of us however will be content with setting up our tents out in the wilderness in case of an economic collapse or takeover an abandoned house in post-apocalyptia.