The Art of Bushcraft


Bushcrafting involves surviving out in the wild. Someone trained in the art of bushcraft would be able to survive in the wilderness with minimal tools and resources.  Nature provides us with everything that we need to live and bushcrafting reflects that.  Hunting and gathering becomes the norm and it is necessary to always be improving your skills.  This is genuine off grid living because you are completely independent from society and government.  There are no grocery stores out in the wild so being able to survive directly off the land is the entire point of bushcrafting.

There is a lot of knowledge and different skills that have to be attained in order to succeed in bushcraft.  It’s not an easy task to live directly off the land but with some practice and motivation it is absolutely possible to train oneself and be able to survive.  Some skills that should be acquired are hunting, fishing, trapping, foraging, firecrafting, shelter-building and purifying water. It is important to know how to do these things because even though nature is abundant, it still does not make it easy.  The more skills you know, the higher your chances of surviving in any situation.

Hunting and foraging for food is absolutely important because without food, we do not survive.  It’s the same case with water and shelter.  In the world of survivalism, the Rule of Threes is important to remember.   You can survive three minutes without air, three hours without body core temperature, three days without water and three weeks without food.  That means that when presented with a survival situation, remember the Rule of Threes and arrange your priorities accordingly.  Different situations and scenarios require different tactics but ultimately the goal is to survive.

Teach yourself how to build a variety of shelters under different circumstances. Also learn how to find and purify water given different scenarios including how to start a fire.  Learn how to hunt for different kinds of animals including how to fish, track, and trap potential wild animals.  Gain knowledge on how to forage for food in case hunting becomes difficult or if you are a vegetarian (In a survival situation however, everybody is capable of eating almost anything). Don’t limit yourself.  Learn and practice as many skills as you can acquire. Without them, living in the wilderness is virtually impossible.  Unless you get taken in and adopted by a pack of wolves, your chances of surviving in the wild without this knowledge is bleak.

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