Survival Resources

The following is a list of books and manuals that we highly recommend.  There are thousands of books out there but these are very popular among experienced survivalists.  They are written by experts in the field of survival and emergency preparedness. Don't hesitate to get a copy of these books today and increase your survival knowledge.  You never know when one day you might be put to the test.








Not a fan of reading? That's okay! We have gathered a list of movies and television shows that depict others in survival situations. Some live and some simply can't hang. But hey, that's life. Watch these videos and maybe, just maybe, you will have stored in your noggin some useful information that might one day save your life.  Enjoy watching these videos, we know we did!

Wilderness Survival










Surviving the Sea


Martial Law


Zombie Invasion

The following is a list of television shows that are popular among survivalists:

In the Wild

Survivorman (Youtube links provided below)

Man vs. Wild (Youtube links provided below)

Dual Survival

I Shouldn’t Be Alive

Man, Woman, Wild

Out of the Wild

Extreme Survival




Falling Skies

The Colony


Zombie Invasion

The Walking Dead

We have provided you with links to videos of the TV shows Survivorman and Man vs. Wild that demonstrate bushcraft and overall survival skills in different scenarios:

Shelter and Fire - European Alps
Knife Sharpening - Costa Rica
Skinning Deer - Scotland
Camp Platform - Everglades
Fishing Salmon - Alaska
Chaparral - Sierra Nevada
Cave - Mexico
Fishing Piranha - Ecuador
Thunderstorms - Australia
Upstream - African Savannah

Man vs. Wild
S.1 Ep.1 - Desert
S.1 Ep.2 - Boreal Forest 
S.1 Ep.3 - Swamp
S.1 Ep.4 - Jungle 
S.1 Ep.5 - Arctic 
S.1 Ep.6 - Mountain 
S.1 Ep.7 - Winter Plane Crash
S.1 Ep.8 - Canyonlands
S.1 Ep.9 - Lost at Sea
S.2 Ep.1 - Amazon
S.2 Ep.2 - African Planes
S.2 Ep.3 - Kalahari Desert 
S.2 Ep.4 - Labrador
S.2 Ep.5 - South Pacific
S.2 Ep.6 - Alaska
S.2 Ep.7 - Making of Survivorman
S.2 Ep.8 - Surviving Alaska (Extra) 
S.3 Ep.1 - Sierra Nevada
S.3 Ep.2 - Colorado Rockies
S.3 Ep.3 - Arctic Tundra
S.3 Ep.4 - Deep Woods
S.3 Ep.5 - Australian Outback
S.3 Ep.6 - Papua New Guinea